Streaming PUBG in youtube.

Many gamers record the video of a game where as many of them do a live stream.Nowadays in youtube there is being live of PUBG every day.By doing live in youtube gamers are earning money by getting donations gamers loke RON, DYNAMO,MORTAL are being famous day by day.The Indian gamer and streamer got a high donation with their fan in youtube who is Dynamo.

PUBG is being famous day by day.

A game players unkown battlegrounds (PUBG) is getting famous day by day as craze of people for PUBG is increasing for playing PUBG people can do anything.Students are playing PUBG in their classes too.PM of India Narendra Modi has also gave speech about PUBG and fortnite.PUBG is going to be banned in India which is already banned in some places of India like Gujrat.

Are game safe to use?

Yes, games are safe to use as they help to grow the mind while we focus on game. Many people say that playing games damages our eyes but actually they improve the vision of people . Gamers can see small things easily.Gamers minds run 2x faster than normal people.

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