Plants vs. Zombies 3: Pre-alpha version of the mobile game suddenly available

Out of nowhere the publisher Electronic Arts and the development studio PopCap have the mobile game Plants vs.. Zombies 3 not only announced, but at the same time even released a pre-alpha version. This is now available in the Google Play Store and gives a first taste of the game – but with some restrictions.

If you follow the corresponding link on the official website of Electronic Arts, you will land in the nowhere – at least not on the product page of Plants vs.. Zombies 3. Alpha access seems to be restricted not only in terms of number of participants, but also regionally. However, the publisher has already announced that there will be more phases for participation in the Alpha, more details are not known in this regard. The same is true for the content of the game: Currently, it is only clear that the developers of the basic gameplay of Plants vs. Well maintained zombies. In addition, probably micro transactions are planned, there are store entries ranging from 99 US cents to 99.99 dollars. In the pre-alpha version, however, no in-app purchases are possible. Picture or video material As a technical requirement you need a smartphone on the level of a Samsung Galaxy S7 and Android version 6 (Marshmellow) or higher. From an iOS version or ports for other platforms of the game is not mentioned.

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