Outriders looks like Anthem without suits, but with Doom atmosphere

Outriders will be a new dark co-op shooter with sci-fi setting from People Can Fly. The game will be released in summer 2020 for the PS4, the Xbox One and the PC. Especially the alien world with its old mysterious architecture and obvious ruins of an ancient civilization, but also the weather phenomena and the hostile environment see the world of Anthem similar in places. Apparently there will be no combat uniforms, but still give different classes. With heavier equipped characters as well as elemental skills, as the lady from the threesome impressively demonstrates in the trailer.
In addition, the somewhat apocalyptic-inspired setting with demon-like opponents and the hellish-looking environment also reminds of the atmosphere in the well-known Shooter Doom, where it is against the Aberrants of hell. The earth is dying and some people are heading to the stars to find a new home for yourself. You slip into the role of a so-called Outriders and explore the hostile alien planet Enoch.

There she quickly realizes that Enoch is not a place where one would like to be at home and start a colony. As part of the plot, you then pursue a mysterious signal that you need to get to the bottom of it. Because apparently you can not get away from the merciless planet because the ship was damaged on the way to this alien world. Outriders wants to provide a strong story that can be experienced either alone or together with friends. Up to two other players can join a running game in the Dop-In / Drop-Out system.

Special attention is given to the gun play, a lush and crazy armory and a hostile world. The game depth should have a lot to offer. But you can not reveal more at the moment, according to the developers.

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