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Toho, the Japanese producer of Godzilla, recently revealed that it is producing a game mobile (Android and iOS) of the king of monsters called the Godzilla Defense Force. In the game, you will have to protect the defenses of several cities against the invasion of the kaijus of the universe of Godzila.

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Because it is a mobile game, the perspective is more tactical. You will need to collect resources and strategically position various anti-kaijus defenses in the cities to avoid invading the Japanese monstrenges. Over time, you can win the cards of the kaijus you face, allowing them to fight against you against other giant monsters. Between the cities, we will have Sydney, London and of course, Tokyo, the great target of the kaijus. Although Godzilla Defense Force has the highlight of the big cat, it will not be the only kaiju in the game. In addition to bringing all versions of Godzilla since 1954 (with the exception of the Hollywood movies and the eponymous anime of Netflix), monsters like King Ghidorah, Mothra and Destroyah will also be in the game. In total there will be more than 70 monsters.

Godzilla Defense Force will soon arrive for iOS and Android, but you need to pre-register on the official website to download. Apparently, the release date is May 23, but some Android users can already play.

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